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Bible Translation and Church Interpreting Seminar
from September 7
to September 11 2015

Second Seminar on Intersemiotic Translation

23 April 2012 - 27 April 2012

The driving concept behind the program is a conviction that modern semiotics has a role to play in the translation and communication of Scripture for the 21st century. We have tried to embody this concept in a variety of formats and sessions. For example, those sessions (some 11 of them) called "inductive sessions" focus on case studies of biblical texts embedded in a performance or a media format. The presenters are asked to "deconstruct" the product or performance and account for as many of the operating sign systems (everything from individual words to whole cultural encyclopedias) that give the case study its meaning. A discussion and critique will follow each of these inductive sessions, with a view to deepening our understanding of these semiotic elements and forces in the case study. Included in these inductive sessions are three lectures by our resident semioticians (Nicola Dusi, Paolo Fabbri, Siri Nergaard) who are charged with using whatever case studies they choose to help the seminar understand fundamental elements of a semiotic critique.

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