nida school of translation studies
An Initiative of the Nida Institute


The Nida School of Translation Studies (NSTS), an initiative of the Nida Institute and an affiliate of the newly launched journal translation, exists to advance research in translation studies through a transdisciplinary approach that draws on a wide range of perspectives and methodologies, challenging traditional disciplinary boundaries, while encouraging consideration of religious discourse. 

Each year, NSTS convenes a two-week seminar which brings together experts from around the world to critically explore various aspects of translation theory, linguistics, semiotics and cultural studies in relation to a well-defined topic or problem. Original research, often presented for the first time at NSTS, not only contributes directly to enhancing translation quality and upgrading professional skills, but may also find outlet in subsequent publications. 

In addition to this keystone event, the Nida School hosts a growing number of other seminars, lectures and symposia throughout the calendar year.

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February 16 2016

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